Gnosticism and the nature of subjective reality(video)

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Hello everyone, thanks for checking out my videos here on This is part two of my 2part lecture on the gnostic perspective. I think its the better of the two so im post it first and you can check out part one just below VVVV let me know what you think in the comment section and stay tune for more :D

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What Is

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What is” is not
the same as what
we believe life
to be. Within the
transcendent state
of consciousness,
“miracles” are but
the normal working of
universal laws. It is our
perception that creates
the reality of our lives.
The more we connect with
the Divine Matrix, the
more we perceive the
perfection of Source.

But how to do this, you
ask? Through our desire,
our intention. As we
surrender to this Force,
we move into this reality
with ease. As we think, so
we are–an unavoidable truth.

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